Follow the Customer, Not the Trend

There is no limit in ways to have your voice heard. In the information age, we have social media, search engines and webinars - it seems that everyone is everywhere. Companies are on every platform in the attempt to make the sale. They’re following every eCommerce trend out there – and with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday (BF, SMS and CM) almost in the rear view mirror for 2018, only the data will show what's proved to have the best ROI. 

Logistically we have Online ordering - Buy online, in store pick up - Third parties like Skip The Line? - Marketing efforts include TV Ads, promoted Instagram Stories, Influencer Marketing. 

Each of these have pros and cons. When customers buy online and pick up in store, research shows that they are likely to spend an additional 25% while there. But brick-and mortar traditional retail stores remain profitable when they cut down on the delivery and distribution costs.

The philosophical question each retailer needs to ask themselves in regard to their communication plan, marketing strategy, community relations efforts: “Why am I here?”

To follow a trend because everyone else is doing it can almost definitely lead to your resources being used inefficiently. Does your company that sells home care services to the elderly have a Twitter account? Do you spend resources on printing flyers for a promotion? To get the largest return on your promotional efforts, you must think, where is my customer and how do they behave?

Where is my customer and how do they behave?

If your company plans on leveraging social media to promote your services, the most efficient use of your resources can be performed when that strategy is planned and tested with the newest capabilities in data collection and analytics. Marketing companies can help you optimize your sales funnel with tools such as Google Analytics that show when your target customer is accessing information and what content they find to be most attractive.

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