Why Email Marketing Is Hotter Than Ever


Email has been around longer than the internet itself, and continues to be a huge player in the digital marketing space. Everyone has to check their email, making it a sure bet for outstanding ROI. Even better, if someone has signed up for your email list, they’ve already indicated that they want to hear from you, which is much nicer than trying to drum up attention from cold leads.

Email is also a two-way street. You can create polls and ask questions, and get real-time responses from your audience

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is creating ongoing content for those who have signed up for your email list. This content can be more focused, as you educate your readers about your upcoming promotions and offerings. By reaching out to your audience this way over time, you can build a sense of community and brand loyalty that is unmatched on other channels.

How Email Marketing Works

First, you’ll need a program to collect email addresses and send your emails out to readers, such as Mailchimp. These programs often integrate with WordPress and other programs, allowing you to quickly collect addresses with a simple online form.

To encourage readers to sign up, you’ll want to create an incentive, known as an opt-in or freebie. This can be an ebook, checklist, or other content that encourage people to sign up to receive.

Once you have a list, you send regular emails on a schedule. You can send general updates, blog posts, educational content, and upcoming promotions via email. With a well-planned email marketing campaign, you can prompt a section of your list to buy, gradually removing their objections through your initial emails.

Why You Need Email Marketing

Emails are direct communication with your audience, who already expressed their interest in your company. Strong email marketing strengthens these early bonds, and creates loyal readers and customers who are eager to share you with their friends.

Email is also a two-way street. You can create polls and ask questions, and get real-time responses from your audience. You don’t have to guess about what they need, as they are eager to share that information with you.

Also, email has consistently given the strongest ROI of all marketing channels. Statistics vary, but with email marketing, you have the most control over your success.


While customers always take an interest in the latest marketing trends, they consistently return to their inboxes. Email marketing allows for a lot of personalization, so you can communicate with your audience in ways that appeal to them. With a strong email marketing campaign, you can make more sales, and strengthen the bonds between your company and your customers.

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