Why Social Media Ads Are Marketing Essentials


Social media’s explosive growth shows no signs of slowing down. More and more people spend their free time sharing their thoughts and opinions with their friends and colleagues, and they expect brands to join the conversation. If you aren’t on social media, you’re missing out, as many Millennials want to get to know you more conversationally before purchase.

Rather than targeting specific keywords, social media ads work by targeting specific audience demographics.

What Are Social Media Ads

Social media ads allow you to rise above the digital noise, with highly targeted ad campaigns. These ads are typically distributed throughout the user’s newsfeed, as well as the sidebar. Nearly all of the major social media platforms offer ads, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Typically, ads combine images and text, boosted links, or video ads.

How Social Media Ads Work

Rather than targeting specific keywords, social media ads work by targeting specific audience demographics. You can refine your selections by location, language, age, interests, and more. With the addition of a retargeting pixel, you can track who has shown an interest in your ads, and send them more targeted communications. Like other forms of advertisement, you’ll have an ads budget to manage, which can be adjusted as needed.

Why You Need Social Media Ads

Social media algorithms change all of the time, reducing your natural social reach. This practice makes social media ads a necessary part of your marketing campaigns, otherwise the majority of your audience won’t see you.

Social media ads also offer unique and creative ways of capturing attention. Millennials want to interact with their favorite brands, and if you’re not reaching out to them, they will naturally gravitate to the competition.


Social media isn’t going away anytime soon, so your business needs a strong social presence. By making the most of social media ads, you’ll boost sales while giving your audience a natural way of interacting with your business. Explore how each of the different social platforms can help you, or ask an ads expert to lend a hand.

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